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Rebel Assault Editor (BETA) for ANDROID is a scenario editor for the upcoming remake of Julian Gollop's classic turn based strategy game "Laser Squad". The editor is still in the beta phase and therefore not all of the features are enabled. You can follow the development of the editor and of the game on our website or through our social channels.

Please note that since this is a beta version, for previewing and testing purposes, you can only preview how all the scenarios from the original game are made. Saving newly created scenarios will be available in later versions, as also many other editor improvements and new game features.

What you can do now with current version is to create and save new maps.


Current version has all the features to recreate every scenario from the original game, and also all the limitations regarding number of teams, units and maps. Below you can find the full feature list, without any of these limitations, which will be available in the final version of the editor and later in the game.


  • supports unlimited number of levels, turns and victory points


  • supports unlimited number of teams in one scenario
  • supports player, player / computer and computer only teams
  • define available credits per team for multiplayer and for each level


  • supports unlimited number of units in one team
  • define level, turn, deploying, equiping and respawning availability
  • define various AI types for patrolling and engaging in combat
  • define armors and items
  • define attributes like strength, constitution, action points and many other


  • supports unlimited number of armors for equiping in one scenario
  • define attributes like weight, carry, armor cost for each team
  • define protection values


  • supports unlimited number of items for equiping in one scenario
  • define item cost for each team


  • supports unlimited number of rules for winning in one scenario
  • supports types like eliminating tiles or units, evacuating units or items
  • define victory points for each goal and for each team


  • supports unlimited number of related events in one scenario
  • define lock / unlock relations between items and specific tiles
  • define teleports between two locations on the map

Map editor

  • supports unlimited number of maps and map sizes in one scenario
  • supports cut, copy, paste functions and toggling between various layers
  • build maps using all available tiles from seven different tilesets
  • define unit deploy points for each team
  • define start, delta and patrol points for each unit
  • define points for each already defined rule or event


The Rebel Assault Scenario Editor and the Rebel Assault game itself will be for free. Nevertheless, if you want to support the whole project, please contact us.

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